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What to Look for in a Code Review


  • Author: [[Trisha Gee]]


How does the new code fit with the overall architecture? Does the code follow SOLID principles, Domain Driven Design and/or other design paradigms the team favors? What design patterns are used in the new code? Are these appropriate? If the codebase has a mix of standards or design styles, does this new code follow the current practices? Is the code migrating in the correct direction, or does it follow the example of older code that is due to be phased out? Is the code in the right place? For example, if the code is related to Orders, is it in the Order Service? Could the new code have reused something in the existing code? Does the new code provide something we can reuse in the existing code? Does the new code introduce duplication? If so, should it be refactored to a more reusable pattern, or is this acceptable at this stage? Is the code over-engineered? Does it build for reusability that isn’t required now? How does the team balance considerations of reusability with YAGNI? — location: 78 ^ref-40341

Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) There should never be more than one reason for a class to change. — location: 436 ^ref-18686

Open-Closed Principle (OCP) Software entities should be open for extension, but closed for modification. — location: 447 ^ref-21968