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System Design Interview – An Insiders Guide


  • Author: [[Alex Xu]]


•CDN fallback: You should consider how your website/application copes with CDN failure. If there is a temporary CDN outage, clients should be able to detect the problem and request resources from the origin. — location: 198 ^ref-56641

In this stateless architecture, HTTP requests from users can be sent to any web servers, which fetch state data from a shared data store. State data is stored in a shared data store and kept out of web servers. A stateless system is simpler, more robust, and scalable. — location: 221 ^ref-50116

To conclude this chapter, we provide a summary of how we scale our system to support millions of users: •Keep web tier stateless •Build redundancy at every tier •Cache data as much as you can •Support multiple data centers •Host static assets in CDN •Scale your data tier by sharding •Split tiers into individual services •Monitor your system and use automation tools — location: 312 ^ref-37477