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Eric Evans - Domain-Driven Design_ Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software-Addison-Wesley Professional


  • Author: [[Eric Evans]]


The premise of this book is twofold: For most software projects, the primary focus should be on the domain and domain logic. — location: 498 ^ref-11411

I do recommend that all readers start with the introduction to Part I, as well as Chapter 1. Beyond that, the core is probably Chapters 2, 3, 9, and 14. A skimmer who already has some grasp of a topic should be able to pick up the main points by reading headings and bold text. A very advanced reader may want to skim Parts I and II and will probably be most interested in Parts III and IV. — location: 594 ^ref-52695

Every software program relates to some activity or interest of its user. That subject area to which the user applies the program is the domain of the software. Some domains involve the physical world: The domain of an airline-booking program involves real people getting on real aircraft. Some domains are intangible: The domain of an accounting program is money and finance. Software domains usually have little to do with computers, though there are exceptions: The domain of a source-code control system is software development itself — location: 655 ^ref-47098