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Continuous Discovery Habits


  • Author: [[Torres, Teresa]]


While there is no single way for a product team to do good work, there are countless bad ways, and what so many teams need is to be coached in the right direction, much like I received when I was learning. — location: 86 ^ref-13941

how to create successful products by obsessing about customer needs, pain points, and desires. — location: 113 ^ref-59469

All product teams do a set of activities to decide what to build and then do a different set of activities to build and deliver it. While you’ll learn that these activities can and should overlap and interweave with each other, the work that is required to do each is fundamentally different. — location: 129 ^ref-62862

In this book, I’ll refer to the work that you do to decide what to build as discovery and the work that you do to build and ship a product as delivery.1 This distinction matters. — location: 131 ^ref-15885

many companies put a heavy emphasis on delivery—they focus on whether you shipped what you said you would on time and on budget—while under-investing in discovery, forgetting to assess if you built the right stuff. — location: 133 ^ref-2419

This book will introduce a continuous discovery framework that enables teams to discover brand-new products and to iterate on existing ones. It will help you continuously discover unmet customer needs and the solutions that will address those needs. — location: 137 ^ref-52799

There are six mindsets that must be cultivated to successfully adopt the habits outlined in this book. — location: 213 ^ref-61007

  1. Outcome-oriented: — location: 214 ^ref-24131

  1. Customer-centric: — location: 219 ^ref-42824

At a minimum, weekly touchpoints with customers By the team building the product Where they conduct small research activities In pursuit of a desired outcome — location: 240 ^ref-49731