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  • Author: [[Kapil Gupta]]


Man was not made to belong to a group. Nor is he strictly an individual. For the concept of an ‘individual’ can only exist when there simultaneously exists the concept of a ‘group.’ — location: 33 ^ref-35022

There is pain and risk in asking real questions. Intellectualization is risk-free. — location: 36 ^ref-62637

Atmamun is a path to becoming the God of your own life. It is the path to achieving outright bliss. It is the path to achieving unbridled freedom. — location: 41 ^ref-28627

He cannot use his mind until he first breaks free from its control. — location: 45 ^ref-7567

we will explore the truth behind the ideas and the philosophies that society has filled you with. — location: 46 ^ref-29711

What follows is the road to realizing the God that is You. — location: 52 ^ref-15149

As a matter of fact, you have no thoughts whatsoever. You experience everything. You experience it just as it is. Without thinking about it in any way. Just experiencing it. Tasting it. Immersing yourself in it. — location: 61 ^ref-47030

Imagine that whatever situation you encounter, your lips produce the wisest words. You are untouched by anger, or any emotion. You act perfectly. And in perfect proportion to whatever the situation requires. Imagine that you live in a state of peace. A perpetual high. And that this feeling remains unbroken, no matter the nature or gravity of the circumstance. — location: 63 ^ref-13992

This is atmamun

No-Mind is the gateway to Atmamun. — location: 75 ^ref-20849

Man’s greatest dilemma is that he lives in a prison and he believes that he is free. — location: 83 ^ref-61130

When you have likes and dislikes, you have a desire for one thing and an aversion for another. This is a deep and painful imprisonment. — location: 94 ^ref-57355

The path to Atmamun begins with the recognition that all of these things do not belong to him. They belong squarely to his mind. And man is Not his mind! — location: 100 ^ref-61261

Atmamun is not a state of a calm or serene mind. It begins with a state of No-Mind. — location: 103 ^ref-36403

Another theme that you will discover throughout this book is that it is not a question of right and wrong. It is a question of misery versus peace. Joy versus anguish. And freedom versus imprisonment. — location: 115 ^ref-57691

You see, any disturbance to a state of equilibrium is a disruption to that equilibrium. Whether the disruption is in an up direction or a down direction matters not. It is a disruption all the same. But in order to circumvent this issue, man has categorized the disruptions as positive versus negative in order to make himself feel better about it. — location: 123 ^ref-19842

To understand the fundamental nature of the mind allows one to transcend it. And once the mind is transcended, its powers become available to the human being to use as he pleases. This is man’s fundamental nature. This is true freedom. This is Atmamun. — location: 127 ^ref-39322

So what you are saying is that all of my thoughts and my feelings come from the mind? KG: Not only that they come from the mind. They ARE mind. — location: 147 ^ref-57127

It’s a black market devoted to the fulfillment of desires. Sanctified by the seal of a manufactured God. — location: 237 ^ref-37775

Understand this: Man will take any opportunity to avoid that which is most immediate in his life. He will do anything but the task at hand. He will look at anything besides that which stands inches from his face. — location: 246 ^ref-7757

Do I believe these stories? Belief is a useless concept. There is only knowing and not knowing. — location: 251 ^ref-44991

Belief is a useless concept. There is only knowing and not knowing. — location: 252 ^ref-10652

Do whatever you like. Live in accordance with your sensibilities. Live and work in accordance with your own inspirations. This is your day-to-day existence. This is Your Life. What does God have to do with — location: 262 ^ref-24144

The Path To Atmamun Do whatever you like. Live in accordance with your sensibilities. Live and work in accordance with your own inspirations. This is your day-to-day existence. This is Your Life. What does God have to do with it? — location: 261 ^ref-17368

The Path To Atmamun If believing in a God is your way, then it let it be your way Completely. Do not use your God as an insurance policy. Do not pray to him. Or worship him. Or make requests to him. Discover what you are using God for. Discover the ways in which you’re playing a clever game. This requires great Sincerity. But if you wish to truly attain something or arrive somewhere, this is absolutely essential. — location: 345 ^ref-60995

The reason that people are not blissful is because they depend upon Events to make them happy. — location: 430 ^ref-1474

The Path To Atmamun Anything of great value has a great price. If you are asking for no less than God himself, you must give no less than your Entire Self. — location: 439 ^ref-4871

you. The life that you are currently living is not your real life. Because you are living through the Sheath known as Mind. — location: 475 ^ref-58122

Ego is Not that which says that you are great. It is that which says that you Exist at all! — location: 480 ^ref-47514

Naomi Johnson is not the person she thinks she is. She is the Being That Knows that a persona called Naomi Johnson has been created. It is the same for you. And once you Experience This, the troubles of life may continue in full force. But they will no longer have the power to affect you. And this, my friend, will be your Doorway to BLISS. — location: 500 ^ref-28648

flee from the full weight of the truth through an escape chute. You — location: 605 ^ref-27542

The greatest freedom that we have is the freedom to walk away from ourselves. The day that you walk away from yourself, you no longer feel the need for happiness. For bliss has become yours. — location: 622 ^ref-34177

The Path To Atmamun The single greatest obstacle to Atmamun is the presence of your manufactured self. The person that you call “myself” is the source of all your miseries. Remove this manufactured self, and you will be as free as a living God. — location: 628 ^ref-11681

But the life he was born with. That deep, nameless, pulsating vibration that spawns breath in his lungs and consciousness within his being. The life that existed before the life he attempted to create. — location: 646 ^ref-43189

To live your life as someone who had no need to attain anything else for the remainder of his life. Whatever comes, let it come. And whatever does not, isn’t even noticed. For it was never Hoped For in the first place. Understand this: Hope Destroys! If who you are today is not enough, it is because you don’t know who you truly are. And trying to make yourself into Someone will take you even further away from who you fundamentally are. — location: 650 ^ref-56298

If there is one truth that I have learned, it is that unless you find it inside of Today, you will never find it inside of Tomorrow. — location: 712 ^ref-58792

The Path To Atmamun Life does not happen around you. It is not a chronology of events. Perceiving life in this way keeps you on the edge of life. Ask yourself: What does it mean to LIVE? And you will discover that you’ve never really LIVED at all. Life is to be tasted. Drink it. Immerse yourself in it. And experience it for the very first time. — location: 723 ^ref-38757

And this is why the bulk of humanity lives a Clinical existence. It reeks of antiseptic and medicines, rather than undefined aromas. You can create anything you wish In your life. But you will never make anything Out Of life. For life will always be life. Meaningless. Innocent. And Indefinable. — location: 742 ^ref-47245

there is joy in freeing oneself from the attachment to his own creation. For attachment is the greatest bondage in existence. — location: 753 ^ref-7228

And you will enjoy every bit of the journey, if and only if you understand that none of it means anything. — location: 755 ^ref-49578

Climb the greatest mountain. Achieve all the accolades in the world. Become the greatest in your field. Achieve fame. Earn millions. And you will enjoy every bit of the journey, if and only if you understand that none of it means anything. — location: 754 ^ref-55760

Life is simply a joke. An absurdity. A non-linear, haphazard, and unpredictable trail that is fertile for the imagination of hallucinatory human beings. — location: 780 ^ref-54992

My friend, there was a day that you were not here. And there will soon be a day when you are no longer here. And once you realize this, you will understand that all there is left to do is play. — location: 802 ^ref-28842

The Path To Atmamun To intellectualize life is to miss it completely. — location: 809 ^ref-63698

The only human being that discovers lasting peace is the one who finally sees through the game. The one who finally understands what lies behind the curtain. The one who pieces together the bits and pieces of this puzzle of past life events. — location: 841 ^ref-5007

The Path To Atmamun Prescriptions such as positivity, mindfulness, optimism, and happiness are traps. They will keep you invested in an activity, an undertaking, a “doing” of some sort. If you try to be mindful, you will never leave the mind. If you chase after happiness, you will attract unhappiness. If you convert negative thoughts into positive ones, you will be converting for the rest of your life. Peace is not known Eventually. It must be had Now! No prescriptions. No tricks. No potions. No techniques. Simply Understanding. Simply seeing the game you’ve been playing for your entire life. This and this alone will lead you where you have always wanted to go. — location: 858 ^ref-51691

A “job” is an insult to a human being. For a human being is a prince of men. He is a king of existence. We have lost our way. And have taken comfort in the company of sheep. And the time has come for us to look at our own reflection. The man who is in love with his trade is not a worker. He is an artist. Whether he makes a million dollars or a thousand, he is living in accordance with his nature. And thus his days are filled with joy. — location: 876 ^ref-18424

What is the unbiased honest truth? The unbiased honest truth is this: Wealth, success, and luxury do not harm a man. What harms a man is the Attachment to these things. — location: 900 ^ref-25348

The king is not the one who possesses wealth. The king is the one who is whilst possessing it, remains unattached to it. Because he does not feel an intimate ownership of it, he is not owned by it. — location: 908 ^ref-50958

The Path To Atmamun Nature created you as an original. Originals are invested with glorious talents. Discover the talent within yourself that nature has been waiting for you to show to the world. You are a creator. And you always have been. Give yourself the permission to create. For if you do not, the world will take advantage of you being ignorant to this fact. And it will put you to “work!” — location: 942 ^ref-17958

And despite the multitude of differences, time and time again the margin of victory on the PGA Tour is A Single Stroke! How is such a thing possible? — location: 965 ^ref-28185

Human beings tend to become the norm that they are exposed to. This is the astonishing power of environment. You become your surroundings! — location: 975 ^ref-4978

When the mind has a desire for one thing, it has an aversion for its opposite. — location: 980 ^ref-16134

your experience of the situation was filled with fear and anxiety, what have you really won? — location: 985 ^ref-19766

If our aim remains fixed upon cultivating Atmamun, we will become observers of our feelings rather than “fixers” of them. We will be constantly vigilant of our observation and documentation of what feelings are arising within us, rather than allowing ourselves to react. Thus neither controlling the reaction nor refining it. — location: 999 ^ref-42440

For reactions arise from a particular substrate. If that substrate is desire, then our reactions will be unruly. If it is observation of desire, then they will become wiser as time goes on. — location: 1001 ^ref-1644

when endless striving and the toil and sweat are seen in the vicinity of great success, they are more methodology than the central key. — location: 1032 ^ref-7357

The man who knows that he will be a success makes “hard work” work for him. To him it is a tool in his arsenal. The man who does not know Works For hard work. He Relies upon hard work as the engine and the vehicle to get him there. — location: 1033 ^ref-40549

society is against the creation of legends. This society is not meant for legends. It does not breed legends. It breeds clones. It breeds sheep. It values conformity. And hails mediocrity. — location: 1042 ^ref-52391

The Path To Atmamun Whether something is possible or impossible is not your business. Success and failure are ideas that will only serve as a burden to your quest. Rather than finding the thing that you can imagine yourself becoming, find the thing that you simply cannot imagine yourself Not Becoming. — location: 1084 ^ref-49212

Because of the nature of mind. Mind can exist everywhere. But it cannot exist Here. — location: 1148 ^ref-49195

The Path To Atmamun If you think about something as you are looking at it, you will not have truly seen it. Thought stands as a barrier between You and The Experience. When one Experiences, there is no thought. When there is no thought, there is no mind. When there is no mind, there is Atmamun. — location: 1155 ^ref-55482

The Path To Atmamun If you are truly Sincere about achieving Freedom and Bliss, drop all techniques. For a technique will leave you bound to technique. The How leads only to the How. It never leads to the destination of the How. Stop playing games. Drop all solutions. Abandon all methodologies. Drop all slogans. — location: 1205 ^ref-40567

Atmamun is a path away from All Paths. It is a journey toward Questions rather than Answers. Drop these disingenuous solutions . . . Become a lone warrior . . . And set off on a journey to the place within yourself that you have forever ignored. — location: 1212 ^ref-26850

There is simply no greater enslavement in the history of man than man’s enslavement to his own mind. — location: 1231 ^ref-57540

When we begin to viscerally understand that we are not the mind, we begin to look at the mind face to face. And for those moments that we look at the mind face to face, we have transcended the mind. For in order for you to look at something, you can only look at it if you understand that you are not it. Where there was one, there is now two. And this is the beginning of Atmamun. — location: 1255 ^ref-16386

It is only when you reach the point of No-Mind that you are then able to use the mind for your own purposes. — location: 1268 ^ref-42785

The Path To Atmamun Once you get a taste of No-Mind, your personality will begin to deconstruct. The baggage that you have been carrying for decades will drop away. And you will be see the world anew. You will soon be immersed in the Mind of the Spirit (Atmamun). You will live in Clarity. There will no longer be a veil or a filter between yourself and that which you see. You will think when thoughts are needed. And you will use the mind when you need to use it for your own purposes. You will Experience Life. You will be Free. You will be invested in Atmamun. — location: 1272 ^ref-25326

Meditation Will Get You Nowhere. Meditativeness Will Give You The Keys To Your Inner Kingdom. — location: 1288 ^ref-48915

Meditation is not about Doing something. It is not about Achieving something. It is not about Becoming something. Meditation is about Allowing, rather than doing. It is about Stillness, rather than achievement. And it is certainly not about becoming something. — location: 1302 ^ref-47681

Meditation Is About Becoming LESS Than You Ever Thought Possible. Meditation is about forgetting yourself. Meditation is about losing yourself. Meditation is about killing the meditator. For the moment the meditator dies, there is only the meditation. And when there is only the meditation there is complete peace. — location: 1304 ^ref-21550

The doer must disappear! For once the doer disappears, his masterpiece appears. — location: 1309 ^ref-6698

Man loves nothing more than to avoid the immediate. He loves nothing more than to abandon the practical in exchange for the romantic. He continually flows toward the path of least resistance. And it is for this reason that he achieves nothing worthwhile in his life. — location: 1328 ^ref-5581

The Path To Atmamun If you are serious about living a peaceful life, drop all matters pertaining to the world, and pursue all matters pertaining to yourself. The state of the world will do nothing for you. The state of your interiority will do everything for you. Your greatest protection from the world is also your greatest gift to the world: Your Personal Peace. A fraction of daily peace in your own life will benefit you more than any sort of “world peace.” — location: 1345 ^ref-10124

The most stark and unflinching mirror in existence. And when the parent looks at his child, subconsciously he sees his own inadequacies. And in seeing his own inadequacies, he cannot bear the pain of them. As a result, he attributes the inadequacies to the child. — location: 1369 ^ref-10205

If you wish to raise wise children, stop being a parent. Abandon the idea of ownership. For whatever a man owns, he destroys. — location: 1391 ^ref-64538

What is that truth? Whatever a parent does in the name of his or her child, he is really doing for himself. — location: 1401 ^ref-21819

The Path To Atmamun Look into your children’s eyes and see all of creation. This is all that needs to be done. For seeing them in this way will give them all the love they will ever need. And they will grow up in the glorious atmosphere of Atmamun. — location: 1527 ^ref-51544

The Path To Atmamun Virtually everything that you do every single day of the week is done automatically and reflexively. You quite literally sleepwalk through your life. But before you ask me “how to awaken,” you must acquire a heartfelt understanding of what I’m trying to tell you. Catch yourself in this sleepy state. See with wide open eyes how asleep you truly are. Notice that everything you do is completely reflexive. And then you will be primed to Awaken. And there is nothing that can transform the life of a sleepy man more than Awakening to Atmamun. — location: 1555 ^ref-59667

Human beings have become accustomed to chasing mirages. And this is why their thirst is never quenched. — location: 1568 ^ref-26388

And when a man becomes nothing, he instantly becomes Everything! — location: 1615 ^ref-58033

This flame is simply life being life. And the reason we get burned is because we attempt to put our arm around it and call it Ours. — location: 1673 ^ref-59931

You enjoy the times of sorrow. You feel a sense of comfort when you cry. Wallowing in guilt is a delicacy. Playing the victim is a luxury. — location: 1693 ^ref-58166

I am not saying that you Should let go of these things. I am saying that they exist because you invite them. — location: 1697 ^ref-27701

The Path To Atmamun Be truthful. Be sincere. Do you really want to be rid of your problems? If so, then understand that why it is that you hold on to them. The reason that you have problems is because you gain something from them. And unless the perceived gain from Peace exceeds the perceived gain from Misery, you will forever live in misery. Man gets what he wants. The reason that he is where he is, is because it is okay for him to be there. — location: 1703 ^ref-27059

The Path To Atmamun The search for happiness is nothing more than a reaction to unhappiness. As always, the truth is a function of subtraction rather than addition. Happiness and misery are different segments of the same wave. Neither of them will benefit you. Bliss is the abandonment of the search for happiness. And the abandonment of the search for pleasure. For this will return you to the moment that you forever seek to escape. — location: 1733 ^ref-52106

Nature should be more kind to man. It should subject man to a near-death experience at least once every six months. Just to remind him that His Time Is Running Out. — location: 1748 ^ref-55977

Anger is not a form of self-defense. It is a manifestation of inner conflict. — location: 1862 ^ref-16571

I will state categorically that if within yourself there was no possibility that you were an idiot, anger simply would not arise. — location: 1871 ^ref-37690

The person calling you an idiot simply set the stage and created the opportunity for you to examine how you felt about yourself. And when you did not like what you saw internally, you reacted with anger externally. — location: 1868 ^ref-6779

If we understand that the mind levels undue criticism by its very nature, we will begin to discover the root of the problem. — location: 1877 ^ref-61086

If we come to terms with our own strengths and misgivings, we cannot be bothered by anyone or anything. And imagine what your life would be like if you learned to live in this way. — location: 1878 ^ref-57981

The appetite that allowed him to succeed in his craft now allows him to succeed in life’s ultimate journey: The journey toward his true nature. The dogged determination that served him in his craft, now serves him in his journey toward Truth. He has lived as a King of men. And now he must learn to live as the King of himself. — location: 1898 ^ref-15717

The Path to Atmamun is the path to becoming your own God. — location: 1958 ^ref-35764